Carolling.  We are the Capitol Carollers.

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Capitol Carollers arrive in Dickensian costumes (or modern if preferred), as a duet, trio, or quartet, and sing classic as well as beautiful newer arrangements of traditional Christmas carols (in English, French, German, Portuguese & Spanish); well-known winter favourites; & gems of Channukah pieces with gorgeous harmonies.  We tailor our sets to your entertainment needs. Children and adults always are thrilled with our variety, join in with jingle bells or singing, and never want us to leave!


Our trios are a lovely arrangement of soprano, alto, tenor or soprano, alto, bass.  We sing traditional harmonies as well as a few arrangements we've written ourselves.


1 hour:    $350

2 hours:  $575

3 hours:  $725



Yes, I offer solo holiday entertainment as well!  This is of a different style, but many restaurants, parties, & celebrations like the variety of pop and jazzy arrangements I offer as a soloist.  I have my own sound system & sets of digitized songs in a great variety of styles for the holiday season.  Please see my Song List & contact me to discuss options.


1 hour:    $120 - 300

2 hours:  $210 - 500

3 hours:  $300 - 650


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Our quartets feature the full set of soprano, alto, tenor, & bass voices blending beautifully in classic harmonies as well as harmonies we've written ourselves.


1 hour:    $450

2 hours:  $750

3 hours:  $950


Duet male/female or female/female performances are lovely and delicate.  Smaller spaces, luncheons, & cocktail atmospheres are perfect for this style.


1 hour:  $250

2 hours:  $400

3 hours:  $525

Fees & Travel

Our general fees are listed by group type.


We are based in Rockville, Maryland, so we must add a travel fee for events outside a 45 mile radius.  


The fee is calculated based upon time to get to and from the venue, taking into consideration traffic, rush hours, & fuel.  


Google Maps is our tool of choice to make our calculations.